Very Close Reading

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My wife had a friend visiting town, and she did a tarot reading for me that I found excruciatingly relevant at times. The cards in this deck were beautiful, and I snapped some favorites.  


the last illusion (storefront, iowa city)

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The author of The Last Illusion is visiting town, and this display was being assembled. It put me back on my heels, and I had a brief conversation with Sayuri Sasaki Hemann about the book, the project itself, and how much I loved what she was building behind the glass.

There were so many things about this imagery that I love, probably because I’ve been reading about Provoke1 and especially the images of ravens created by Masahisa Fukase so I’ve had ravens, feathers, and flight on my mind lately but even if I didn’t, I think the cages and feathers and scripted quotations would put me back on my heels the same way.

Christmas Presents with Family

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with my Dad

The Iowa City Lundbergs visit the Orange City Lundbergs, joined by the Mt. Pleasant Borchers and the Chicago Hoges.